Many of our clients are Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or Start-Up technology companies. They range from entrepreneurial Startups to companies with up to $500 Million in annual sales.  

Many of our clients have an International Edge – whether they are Canadian companies doing business in the United States, Asia, Middle East, and abroad or Foreign Companies doing business in Canada and North America.


  • Manufacturing
  • International Trade + Export/ Import
  • International  Construction Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Oil & Gas Technologies and Services
  • Mining Equipment & Services
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology

some of our clients`industries

From the very first day that I met Elo Tulving-Blais, not only did she put together a comprehensive plan of action for my business, she also took a personal interest in my ideas and made some wise suggestions that would most likely have been overlooked if it were left up to me.  In today's world where everyone is just trying to look out for themselves, and in a field such as law, where it is quite easy to take advantage of the little guy, it was a breath of fresh air dealing with someone like Elo.  Her knowledge of law, and genuine concern for her clients, make her valuable far beyond the cost of legal fees.  I have personally referred others to Ms. Tulving-Blais and will continue to do so in the future. When asked why I recommend Elo, I reply that I could speak about her prompt responses, her professionalism, or her exceptional skill of making law understandable for those of us without the LLB attached to our name, but what I appreciate the most is her sincerity.


- K. W., Founder and CEO, Mademen Inc., 2010

testimonials of clients

OUR clients

  • Computer Software
  • Telecommunications + IT
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Apps
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Medical Device
  • Health Care
  • Educational & Professional Development Services

Tulving-Blais... is truly a wonderful exception to the usual standard and ranks among the rarest of lawyers: she actually cares about her clients' interest and outcome (first and foremost) and has the ability to deliver.

When we consulted her regarding synchronization and master use licenses, publishing and trademark, she was extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared. She committed her extensive skills and energy to real service and well-considered advice. A true gem.


- J.P., Preomusic Productions Inc., 2011


Our family was trying to settle a complex estate dispute that had both Canadian and Estonian elements to it. The matter was unraveling. Our then lawyer was working at cross purposes to our interests, we felt, and we were losing control of the situation fast. We were at our wits’ end. I was referred to Elo Tulving-Blais by a colleague who had highly recommended her. 


Elo reviewed the documents in our file, made recommendations on strategy, and referred us to a “top law firm” in Tallinn, Estonia. She also referred us to specialist lawyers in Canada related to our case in Canada, in those areas she herself did not practice in. Elo has been instrumental in guiding us throughout this complex ordeal.


She reviewed our Estonian contracts, and because of her knowledge of international laws and the different legal systems (Common Law system in Canada and the Civil Law system in Estonia), she was able to make specific recommendations for changes to our contract wording. She identified unforeseen potential problems and tightened up loose ends in our Estonian contract to ensure our family would be protected both in Canada and in Estonia. She worked with our (very good) Estonian lawyers making sure everything was understood and weak spots were covered.


Elo has always responded in a timely manner. She has been very thorough in answering all of our questions. Roadblocks that we encountered never stopped Elo and she continued to think of ways we could make things happen.

We have been more than pleased to be clients of Elo. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is not only looking for an excellent lawyer with international experience, but if you are looking for a lawyer that really cares and will get the job done, then you need Elo. She’s awesome!


- CO, 2010

Before we started a company, in early 2007, we were referred by a friend to Elo Tulving-Blais and her law firm, Tulving-Blais International & Tech Law. We wanted her to to help us with legal issues that many start-up companies must face, especially with incorporation, drafting contracts, international licensing agreements, trademarks, advising us on how to protect the company’s intellectual property, technology transfer and other international business issues. We found Elo Tulving-Blais to be very friendly and professional. She also saved us from several scams that many start-up companies are not aware of and fall for. We are now on the way to becoming a recognizable international company, and with Elo as our “legal guardian”, we feel confident, safe and secure. We recommend her services to any technology company doing business around the world. Thank you Elo!


- P. C.,  President, Green Earth Nano Science Inc., 2011

Green Earth Nano Science Inc. (GENS) is an environmental nanotechnology company working closely with researchers, scientists and technology companies to enable the commercialization of proprietary breakthrough technologies.